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About Us

We at Season Hearts are a flower shop located in Tokyo and we have two branches.  One is located nearby at Takadanobaba station and the other one is located nearby at Kundanshita station.  


The word "Season" sometimes means not only time of the year, but also the time of important events in a one’s life.  Events such as getting married, mourning the death of a loved one, or the birth of a child.  We would like to provide flowers for our customers' life events from our hearts for every "Season".  This is the reason that we founded Season Hearts.  It is our pleasure to assist you with any local, as well as nationwide deliveries.  Also, we welcome corporate accounts too.  We hope you enjoy your online shopping experience. 


Note: If you want to contact us, please send a message via LINE or contact form.

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How to order

Order flow description

Preparing your order

Before you make an order, please decide the type of flower gift and your budget.  We don't have any off-the-shelf designed item.  Our designers create a unique arrangement for each person with a lovely variety of fresh flowers and creative gift ideas to suit any style or budget, meaning you get a one-of-kind-arrangement.  


What is the difference between a bouquet and a flower arrangement? 

1. Bouquet

A bouquet is a group of  flowers which is shaped into a design and wrapped in decorative paper.  A bouquet requires the recipient to re-cut the flower and stem every second day and to top up water in the vase.  You can buy more flowers and not waste money on a vase or container if the recipient already has a vase at home.  The flowers generally last longer if they are cared for correctly. 


One side bouquet:  A vertically long shape and easy to make big. 

Round bouquet:  A vertically short and dome shape.  It looks smaller than a one side bouquet. 


2. Flower Arrangement

A flower arrangement is a group of flowers designed to fit a container (such as a vase, box, basket, etc.).  The flowers are arranged into a wet floral foam, which holds water, much like a sponge.  The fresh materials in the arrangement soak up the water from the wet foam and the foam is firm.  Flower arrangements are ready-made.  The recipient doesn't have to know how to arrange flowers as the flowers will already be arranged into a design.  Fresh materials within the arrangement do not have to be re-cut, or unwrapped, and containers do not need to be cleaned or the water changed.  Arrangements only require a top up with water regularly.  The minimum order price of flower arrangement (one side or round) is 3,000 yen.  



3. Box arrangement

Box arrangement: A unique look compared to other flower arrangements.  We have two sizes of box arrangements.

Medium Size: H7cm  W17cm D17cm ( Price range is from 4,000 yen to 6,990 yen)

Large Size: H7cm  W23.5cm D23.5cm ( Price range is from 7,000 yen to 10,000 yen)


What would the bouquet/arrangement look like for my budget? 

● Size sample of bouquet

These photos  are for illustrative purposes.  Size will be changed by flower, color, and season.

image of size sample of bouquet

● Size sample of flower arrangements

These photos  are for illustrative purposes.  Size will be changed by flower, color, and season.

image of size sample of flower arrangements

Past Work
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Payment Method

● Credit Card

We accept the following credit card payment options: Visa®, MasterCard®,  American Express®, JCB®

After we confirm your order, we will send you an e-mail with  your own e-commerce page link.

Visa®, MasterCard®,  American Express®, JCB®

● Bank transfer

Must be done 3 Business day before delivery date.

After we confirm your order, we will send you an e-mail with bank information.

Delivery Methods

What are our current delivery methods?

We have two ways of delivering your gift: they are either hand delivered by us, or delivered by one of our reputable carriers.


● Reasons to choose handed-delivery:

Same-Day Delivery (only available in Tokyo's 23 ward areas.)

Just place your order before 12 pm Japan local time, and we will deliver them the same day!

Please note: Same-Day Delivery may not be available during peak holiday times.

Delivery fee will be changed depending on where you want us deliver to, and the order price of your flowers.

 ● Reasons to choose delivery using carriers:

Available nationwide shipping (excludes Okinawa and remote island).

The gift you select will be delivered by carriers. Flowers will arrive carefully packaged in a shipping box, which is specially designed to ensure optimal freshness. 

Delivery fee  includes packing box fee and carrier's' shipping fee.

Return Policy & Substitution Policy

Return Policy

We strive to provide the best customer service available. It is our belief that as a flower shop we understand and appreciate the concerns of Internet shoppers regarding the security and proper fulfillment of their orders. We have established this return/refund policy to provide our customer with a complete understanding of how replacement orders or refunds are processed.


What if my flowers were not delivered?

If any customer claims an order was not delivered, we ask that we are given at least 12-24 hours to determine what occurred. In many cases, delivery was attempted but the recipient was not home. We reserve the right to attempt a redelivery if this occurred. 


Cancel Order

Cancellations must be made prior to the delivery of the order. If the cancellation is received after the order is delivered then no refund can be issued. Cancellations cannot be accepted if a customer places an order, but provides information that prevents direct delivery such as in the case of a bad work or home address. The customer can obtain new information so the order can then be properly delivered using correct information. This is to protect the florist who fills the order and then attempts to make a delivery.


The recipient refuses

We take no responsibility for any order where the recipient refuses to accept the item.  We will not issue refunds to any customer where the recipient refuses delivery for whatever season.  This is because the custom flower arrangement cannot be re-used for other customers due to the arrangement no longer being fresh.

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